• How to Retrieve data in CodeIgniter using Ajax

    In this tutorial we will discuss how to retrieve data in codeigniter using ajax We use 3 file for fetch students data. Crud.php Path: application\controllers\Crud.php Crud_model.php Path: application\models\Crud_model.php view.php Path: application\views\view.php Sql Table view.php(View) Crud.php(Controller) Post Views: 49
  • Email Address Validation using php

    In this tutorial we will discuss email address validation using php Simple Advanced This function does not only check if the format of the following email address is correct or not , it also check a test if the host is existing or not. Regular Expression Test Also Read: How to Insert Data using PHP...
  • How to Submit Form using jquery ajax with php & mysql

    Mostly, the HTML form is submitted to the script URL specified in the from action attribute of the tag. You can submit form using jquery ajax. The jQuery submit() method is more useful to handle the html form submission request. In this example code snippet, we will show you how to submit form using jquery...